Is Calvary Chapel a cult? What is wrong? How Calvary Chapel adds to the Bible…

Have you ever had a strange feeling in your gut about Calvary Chapel? If so, you will want to read this (it has been my most-viewed article). You walk into the church on a Sunday morning. Everyone is worshipping God with hands raised. You greet smiling faces. The message is delivered from the Bible (word for word) in a powerful, authoritative manner by the senior pastor. Greetings are made. You drop some money in the “tithe” box. Great day at church, and you do this year after year after year. The pastor says… Read More

‘Burden of the Lord—The Words of the Lord, or the Reasonings of Men?’ by Mark G. Judy

By Mark G. Judy  Feeling a sense of sadness, a burden…..not sure how to even put it into words…..Why is it that some of the most ardent supporters of truth still get tripped up over “pre-trib”???? They can go toe-to-toe with any false teacher and with chapter and verse, expose the lies with truth that is straightforward & direct…..and yet, pre-trib is anything BUT straightforward & direct. It cannot be explained nor supported in a straightforward & direct manner. Rather, various scriptures must be “explained” with theories & conjecture that very few… Read More

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