Works and Grace – Christians Living Better: Why Christians Should be Doers

“To do” or “not to do”? Sally is a zealous Christian who volunteers at the homeless shelter every week.  She visits the ill and writes books to help sexual abuse victims.  Sally reads the Bible and believes that putting it into practice is key. Sally’s friend from church, Jan, sees all the good deeds and active service that Sally does.  Instead of encouraging Sally and cheering her on, Jan gives Sally a hard time and tells her, “Why are you doing so much?  Take life easy, don’t worry about doing a thing”. … Read More

The power of love: what does love look like, actually? Am I loving people the way Jesus asked me to?

You know, so often people overuse and misuse the word love.  I’m sure I’ve done it before.  We say “love you”, but are we really loving people?  We sign our letters xoxoxoxo.  Is that love?  This was a question I had to ask myself.  If Jesus said that the number one command was to love God, and the second most important command was to love people – I had better make sure I am doing it!  So, what is love?  How do I know for sure that I am loving people?  What… Read More

A life changing person

A few weeks ago, I had this vivid thought in my mind/spirit: When people meet you, I don’t want them to walk away the same.  I want you to be a life changing person.  I want you to impact them.  After they leave your life, they should remember you.   This was so strong in my spirit.  It made an impression.  I started to think…am I that person? I once heard someone say that when a preacher preaches, the hearer should walk away either sad, glad or mad – but not the same!… Read More

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