News: Open Forum…Bethel Church (Pastor is Bill Johnson) is why I chose to leave Redding, California

In this new article from the San Francisco Chronicle, a former 50-year resident of Redding, California and licensed clinical social worker explains why she made the choice to leave Redding.  This says a lot: “I recently chose to leave Redding after nearly 50 years in this community, where I raised my family and where many I love remain. I left almost entirely because of Bethel and the city’s passive complicity in the real factors that ail Redding.  Did you wonder why Bethel gave $500,000 for law enforcement but not homeless shelters…did anyone… Read More

An article about the frequency of Narcissistic Personality Disorder in pastors… The above helpful article was found on the American Association of Christian Counselors’ website.  Enjoy!

Calvary Chapel ‘anointed’ pastor pleads guilty to murdering mistress Calvary Chapel pastors should be very careful when they make the claim that they are “God’s anointed”.

Escape the Lie, An Interview

Update: For some reason, the link provided is not working as it once did.  Hopefully ‘Escape the Lie Radio’ can fix the problem soon.   Update 2: Use this link instead to listen to interview – Here is a great interview of M’Kayla Kelly by Escape the Lie Ministries. God is using M’Kayla to lovingly inform and warn the Body of Christ of the dangers of a movement that is spreading like wildfire. M’Kayla was once involved in this movement and by God’s grace, she has escaped. This movement has already penetrated… Read More

International Church of Las Vegas (ICLV) promotes and welcomes John Bevere in spring 2013: Concerns and questions amid controversy over self-help book ‘The Secret’

ICLV’s acceptance and promotion of John Bevere has raised a red flag for Las Vegas Apologetics.  There is an ongoing, public debate regarding Bevere’s teachings from his books. Keep in mind! This is the same John Bevere who is seen online being involved with the heretical, self-help book/DVD The Secret which teaches there is a “law of attraction” within us.  This teaching is not found in the Word of God and is a doctrine of demons the Bible warns about (1 Timothy 4:1).  The dogmas this book/DVD teaches are not Biblical. Just how is… Read More

Calvary Chapel, Chuck Smith, The Moses Model: Let the Little Dogs Bark!

Spiritual Abuse: Your Leader/Church is not Representative of God

Las Vegas Apologetics keeps hearing of more stories of spiritual abuse in the Las Vegas area and elsewhere. God seems to be yanking people out of churches.  These churches are often apostate and growing worse (God sees the future).  Often people are tempted to be mad at God for all the pain and hardship they went through at the hands of a pastor who was supposed to care for them.  Sometimes there was extreme cruelty, abuse and blacklisting.  Betrayals.  Pain! This sort of heartbreak does not go away overnight.  It is very… Read More

‘Speaking the Truth in Love’ by Mark G. Judy

It is becoming sadly apparent that there is a grave misunderstanding of what “speaking the truth in love” means. Some think it means that they must “feel good” about your message. Or, that it means there is a warm fuzzy vibe to your words.  Any hint of sharpness or bluntness is surely, to them, proof that you are not “speaking the truth in love”. But, what did Paul say about this?  Titus 1:10-16; (scan these verses for their warm, “loving” content) “For there are many rebellious men, empty talkers and deceivers, especially those… Read More

Does Beth Moore Promote New Age Teaching? Apologetics Article, part I

Please visit the following link for an apologetics article on Beth Moore.  Max Lucado also endorses the same author Moore does (Brennan Manning).  Their endorsements can be found on the very pages of the book When Godly People do Ungodly Things by Beth Moore as well as the Be Still DVD.

Peculiar Teaching from Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend: Prophecy was not Predicting Future Until the ‘Medieval Times’ (False)

Above screen photos are from January 9, 2012] Is this good “doctrinal fruit” from Brannon Howse?  Las Vegas Apologetics witnessed an interesting, public Facebook teaching on Brannon’s site which was taught in front of thousands.  Howse says in his first comment (see photo) that it was not until the “medieval times” that the word prophecy was associated with predicting the future.  The problem with this of course is that the entire Bible is… prophetic through and through.  The Prophets in the Old Testament (long before the Medieval Times) predicted hundreds of things that… Read More

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