An article about the frequency of Narcissistic Personality Disorder in pastors… The above helpful article was found on the American Association of Christian Counselors’ website.  Enjoy!

Escape from Bethel

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Calvary Chapel ‘anointed’ pastor pleads guilty to murdering mistress Calvary Chapel pastors should be very careful when they make the claim that they are “God’s anointed”.

Alert: New Video by Pastor Christopher Lawson on the Observations of Calvary Chapel CALVARY CHAPEL ALERT – THE RISING STORM and A CLARION CALL for HUMILITY, TRUTH and REPENTANCE: Observations for Calvary Chapel Leaders to Consider Please watch this very loving and truthful video on the Calvary Chapel movement. “…Mark those who cause divisions contrary to the doctrine you have received.  Keep away from them.” Romans 16:17

The Misunderstood Gift of Discernment

The following was photographed from the Free Believers Network.  It is perhaps the best description of the spiritual gift of discernment I have seen so far.  I asked the author if I could use this and obtained his permission.

Protected: Protect our children and God’s people: Warning! False advertising about accreditation at Calvary Chapel Green Valley Christian School in Henderson, Nevada and a helpful article on spiritual abuse written by Dr. Darrell Puls…

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Calvary Chapel Green Valley Henderson, Nevada…a safe church or a spiritually abusive group?

Calvary Chapel a cult, Pastor John Knapp, Calvary Chapel Las Vegas, Henderson

The following is from someone who suffered from severe emotional, verbal and spiritual abuse from this church’s leadership (permission to share): “In my twenties, I was severely emotionally and verbally abused by a pastor at the church (I will keep his name private), in two meetings he called me to, which resulted in very severe PTSD which lasted a long time.  My trauma included severe trauma which included nightmares, flashbacks, intrusive memories, an exaggerated startle response, etc.  The things he said to me were the most untrue, wicked and ugly things I… Read More

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