Narrow is the Way – Have you REALLY Found it?

screen shot 2019-01-09 at 1.09.52 pmI want to share with you a good booklet I read late last year in 2018. The following is the excerpt about the booklet. Click on the title below to order on Amazon:

Narrow is the Way – Have you REALLY found it? is a collection of dynamic testimonies of nine believers, from the United States, England, and Guatemala, who, in spite of geographical location, have come together with a common purpose – to share and expose their troubling experiences with-

THE NEW APOSTOLIC REFORMATION (NAR) – A false movement in the Body of Christ today that has invaded thousands of churches and ministries – and is deceiving many unaware but except for sincere believers around the globe.

Learn a brief overview about what NAR is and the hurtful and sometimes abusive treatment these believers encountered when they began asking questions of their church leaders and what happened as they tried to leave.

This is a must read for every christian, because we are warned in the scriptures to “test the spirits” and to “decide all things carefully”. This booklet will help you decide for yourselves – to either receive “new revelation knowledge” from the New Apostolic Reformation or to believe the Word of God.

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