Sort Your Mail

Do you ever feel bombarded with mail?  Whether it be paper or electronic, there is a lot to sift through.  It crossed my mind the other day that life is much like sorting the mail.  When we get the mail, there is a huge stack.  Much of it is junk.  The junk mail contains lies for the most part – “if you buy this, you will be happy”.  So many advertisements.  The rest is valuable and worth keeping.  Those are the bills and the truthful items.  It is the truth that if we don’t pay our power bill, we will not have power!  Better not discard that one.  If we lie to ourselves, we may say that the junk mail is good and worthy of keeping.  In reality, so much of the mail we get just sucks our energy.  It is unneeded and wasteful.  That’s why it’s called junk mail.  If this stuff is not dealt with right away, it can pile up and become very burdensome.  It occurred to me that life is much like going through mail.  Every day, new things come our way.  New people and new experiences.  New situations and new demands.  If we don’t sort through the junk mail, it piles up and overcrowds all the good mail to the point where we cannot even see the good mail anymore!  Let’s face it: God sends things our way; so does the devil.  Both God and the devil send things (situations, circumstances, people, etc.) into our lives.  God sends truth.  The devil sends lies.  Is there anything in your life that you think you could throw away or donate?  Physically and spiritually speaking, is there anything that weighs you down that you have kept unknowingly that prevents you from running a good race?  Going through our physical possessions and minimizing can certainly be freeing.  I just went through our entire house and was honest with myself about what we truly needed to keep.  If it did not bring me joy, I threw it away or donated it.  Going through emails and de-cluttering our computers can also be freeing.  Same with our inner lives.  Is there anything that is toxic that you would be better without?  Maybe you have kept some junk mail not realizing it was junk?  Sometimes too much clutter and too much toxicity can effect our health and even start to poison what is good in our lives.  What is weighing you down?  Ask God to show you if there are any changes you could make to make your life more free, light and joyful.  God wants us to walk in freedom and joy.  Sometimes an inventory is needed of our priorities. Galatians 6:2 says we as Christians are to carry each others’ burdens and thus we will be fulfilling the law of Christ, and that is a noble thing.  Christians are responsible to love others and carry each others burdens.  We must make sure that the burdens (baggage, excess mail) we are carrying around with us day-to-day are truly Godly burdens that God has willed us to bear.  Sometimes, we think God has planned we carried certain burdens when He actually has wanted us to let go of such burdens because they are out of our control or sphere of responsibility.  Such burdens can actually do us harm in our race with Him.  Some points to think about.

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