Spiritual gifts: Understanding your spiritual gift of prophecy


The above link is, in general, an outstanding description of someone with the spiritual gift of prophecy as mentioned in the New Testament. I say “in general” because the author didn’t mention that the word prophecy from the Greek language and the Strong’s Concordance #4396 means to “forth-tell” (tell the truth in the Word of God) or to “fore-tell” (tell the truth before it happens or correctly predict something as Agabus did in the book of Acts).  This article is written by Kerry at Coffeecake Studies, and I found it to be wonderful and “right-on”. As Christians, our spiritual gifts motivate us to act a certain way or be passionate about certain topics. Not every Christian has the same gifting, yet how many times do we see our differences dividing us and making us judgmental of each other rather than accepting the uniqueness that Jesus put on each of us with His giftings? 1 Corinthians 12 makes it clear that we are all different just as a hand and an eye are very different members of the human body – but all part of the same body. No wonder why the Apostle Paul told Christians to “not be ignorant” about spiritual gifts. To be uninformed about the spiritual gifts runs the risk of misunderstanding each other and under appreciating each person’s uniqueness. That happens – a lot! It is not the use of spiritual gifts that causes problems, but the ignorance of them. This is why it is so important to study up on the gifts.  We can love each other better if we are knowledgable about the various giftings.

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