Escape the Lie, An Interview

Update: For some reason, the link provided is not working as it once did.  Hopefully ‘Escape the Lie Radio’ can fix the problem soon.  

Update 2: Use this link instead to listen to interview –

Here is a great interview of M’Kayla Kelly by Escape the Lie Ministries. God is using M’Kayla to lovingly inform and warn the Body of Christ of the dangers of a movement that is spreading like wildfire. M’Kayla was once involved in this movement and by God’s grace, she has escaped. This movement has already penetrated at least two churches in Las Vegas: The International Church of Las Vegas (ICLV; a very large congregation) and Encounter Community Church. Chances are, this movement is coming to a Christian church near you. East Valley House of Prayer and Evident Life Church in Gilbert, Arizona (Pastor is Eric Jones) have also embraced this movement by welcoming Bill Johnson’s teachings. Vista Assembly of God in Carlsbad, California (Pastor is Steve Myatt) and Carlsbad Assembly of God have also embraced this movement and promote Bethel Church’s new practices. Please, please listen and share with your loved ones. Please be careful of anyone laying hands on you who is involved with this movement. Souls depend on it! Please listen and test what you hear to the scriptures, and you will see that this movement does not line up with scripture. We are in the last days, and this was prophesied to happen (Matthew 24:5).

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