Updated: Gnostic heresy…an interesting find in a study Bible leads to further clarification concerning the public ‘divinity’ of Christ discussion and Bethel Church (pastor is Bill Johnson). A link found!

Here is the photo of the Bible page referred to in a post from June 7th, 2013.  

Look at the study notes on the left side where it says, “Gnostic heretics of his day who said that Jesus was born only a man and remained so until his baptism.”

Do you see any eery similarities with Bethel Church’s teaching on Christ’s divinity?  This ministry does.  How important it is to realize that the real Jesus was 100% man and 100% divine (the hypostatic union).  The false Jesus’s are either 100% man and 0% divine, or 0% man and 100% divine.  Please browse the top of this site for helpful information on these topics.

In his book, When Heaven Invades Earth, Johnson explains that Christ is not part of Jesus’s name (his last name): “Christ is not Jesus’ last name. The word Christ means ‘Anointed One’ or ‘Messiah’. It is a title that points to an experience. It was not sufficient that Jesus be sent from Heaven to earth with a title. He had to receive the anointing in an experience to accomplish what the Father desired”.

Johnson says this “Christ” word relates to an experience.  What experience?  His baptism (age 30).  

The problem with this teaching is that even an angel of the Lord called Jesus “Christ” approximately thirty whole years before His water baptism (clearly, making it a part of His title at birth). Because Christ means Messiah, and Jesus was and is always the Messiah, He had that title before his age thirty water baptism “experience”. 
Remember Luke 2:10,11 says, “Then the angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord‘”. Keep in mind, Jesus was only a baby at this point, long before His water baptism experience (‘the smearing’, as Johnson describes), yet the mighty angel of the Lord calls Him…”Christ the Lord”!

“Therefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calls Jesus accursed: and that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Spirit” (1 Cor. 12:3).

Johnson explains, “the word anointing means ‘to smear’. The Holy Spirit is the oil of God that was smeared all over Jesus at His water baptism. The name Jesus Christ implies that Jesus is the One smeared with the Holy Spirit”.
**Now re-read the Bible study notes in the photo**.  
Johnson preaches this about Jesus: “He laid his divinity aside” (When Heaven Invades Earth; chapter 7; page 110). Johnson also preaches that Jesus did His miracles as a man and not as God. Remember in John 10:30 when Jesus said, “I and the Father are one”? What about the immaculate conception and the virgin birth? That was divine, so Jesus had to be divine since conception, even before that – and forever for that matter! In an article from Charisma Magazine dated February 23, 2012, Johnson writes: “While Jesus is eternally God, He emptied Himself of His divinity and became a man…it’s vital to note that He did all His miracles as a man, not as God. If He did them as God, I would still be impressed. But because He did them as a man yielded to God, I am now unsatisfied with my life, being compelled to follow the example He has given us. Jesus is the only model for us to follow”. 
In the same paragraph from When Heaven Invades Earth, Johnson explains that Jesus was “powerless” as well (in addition to being a non-divine man): “The sacrifice that could atone for sin had to be a lamb (powerless)”.  When Scripture says Jesus was a lamb it does not mean He was powerless, but pure! 
Is this the Jesus you know, saint?
Please do some research to find out what else Johnson teaches about Jesus being a man until his baptism.  


Bill Johnson’s Non-Divine Jesus

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  1. Thank you for all you are doing in bringing these false teachings to light. Jesus was and is fully God or He was never God. The Gnostics can't have it both ways. Thank you again and may God bless you and your ministry. Greg MasonMember of the flock at Pleasant Valley Bible Church in Camarillo California.

  2. Hello. I do not recall the exact name of the study Bible at the moment. I will look for the study Bible. I have not seen that around here for a while and don't remember where I placed it. Will look!

  3. I found the study Bible, and then it seemed to disappear again somewhere in my house! Sorry this has taken so long. Next time I see it, I will let you know which one it is. Sorry!!! Losing things around here.

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