Google search keywords: What are other Christians in Las Vegas and Henderson searching for on Google about Calvary Chapels, apologetics, church abuse and cults?

What are other people searching for on Google?

What are other people searching for on Google?

The above is simply a photo of this site’s Google search keywords.  This means that some people who visited this site typed these keywords into the Google search engine:

“Is Calvary Chapel a cult?”

“Problems with Calvary Chapel Green Valley”

“Central Christian Church Abuse”

“International Church of Las Vegas Cult”

Technology is very fascinating!  We are not saying that any of these churches are (or aren’t) cults, but simply showing the truth of what others are searching for online, and encouraging others to do their research and be a “Berean” as noted in Acts 17:11 (the Spirit of Truth has already revealed the truth on some of the above organizations to many individuals including this ministry).  Could you pray for organizations and Christians in Las Vegas?

Would you mind prayerfully considering sharing your story?  Feel free to comment.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!


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