Possible Tithing Manipulation: It’s Bad in Sin City, is it Bad in Your Town?

A look at what the Book of Malachi really says (in context).

Green Valley Baptist Church www.mygvbc.com has taught believers to “test the tithe” while quoting Malachi 3 verses…


Often, pastors will zoom in on these verses in Malachi 3 (an Old Testament book), and they will teach this to others and publicly on their online sermons/videos…

Malachi 3, NKJV

Malachi 3, (NKJV) – notice how the tithe was the fruit of the field, not money (Source: www.biblecc.com)

What the same pastors will not tell you (either intentionally or unintentionally – only God knows) is who these scriptures were written to.  When reading the Bible, we must always get a grasp of the context.  The Old Testament speaks of sacrificing animals, but we don’t do that today, do we?

Who is the Lord speaking to through Malachi?  Flip a few pages back to chapters one and two.

The Lord was speaking to the “corrupt priests”…

The Lord was speaking to the "corrupt priests" not the New Testament believers

The Lord was speaking to the “corrupt priests” not the New Testament believers                            (Source: www.biblecc.com)

The Lord was speaking to “Israel”…

The Lord was speaking to Israel

The Lord was speaking to “Israel” not the New Testament believers                                                       (Source: www.biblecc.com)

It should be said that the Lord does want us to be generous with our money.  Who are we supposed to give to?  Christians are not commanded to give to the rich.  In fact, Proverbs 22:16 warns that if we give to the rich, we will surely come to poverty.  We must understand that churches are businesses.  Do not be deceived.  They are wealthy (and tax exempt).  They are organizations with the Secretary of State, and often, the senior pastor owns the business.  Financial records are not given, usually.

Who should Christians give to?  Here is a simple Bible search of “heavenly treasure”…


Interestingly, you may not hear from your church that Jesus actually spoke about giving to the poor for heavenly treasure.  Furthermore, centuries ago, there were no “church” buildings.  The New Testament believers were the church, and they met in houses and outdoors.

Also, enter the word “tithe” into a Bible search, and you will see the following: oil, corn, fruit, grain, new wine, herds, flocks and harvest.  When is the last time you heard your pastor ask you to bring these items to church for the “tithe law”?  That would be the Biblical interpretation.  Furthermore, giving out of necessity or coercion is against God’s command for New Testament believers…

Community Church at Anthem has also taught publicly the “tithe” message on Facebook and public sermons in October 2014 and May 17, 2015.  In my opinion, these teachings are twisted and put pressure on the congregation.  The Bible says people should not give out of pressure (2 Corinthians 9:7).  Telling someone that not tithing every paycheck to the church is comparable to worshipping the devil is pressure.  So many preachers these days place pressure on their followers to tithe to the church, and that takes away the joy of giving.  God loves a “cheerful giver”, in fact.  The lead pastor compared not tithing to not paying a bill at the grocery store or a restaurant – at least twice – once in October 2014 and once in May 2015!  He compared not tithing 10% of every paycheck to the church to stealing – something you would never do at a grocery store or restaurant!  He explained that “tithe unless” is found nowhere in the Bible.  He says the word “unless” is found nowhere in the Bible.  (Ironically, the truth is that the words “tithe 10% to your church” is found nowhere in the New Testament – at all).  Look it up in the Bible search and you will see “tithe” is not even a command in the New Testament!  There are only a few references to the word tithe in the NT, and all are pointing to the OT or the pharisees and levites.  To say that God taught this percentage to New Testament believers is simply false.  He explained that the tithe is 10% of your income to the church; every single paycheck.  In the May 2015 sermon, he says that Jesus went to church and so did the devil.  Then he asks the congregation who they are worshipping!  He says that they can’t open their wallet until they open their hearts.  He says that peoples’ bank accounts are what they fear the most.  He says that not tithing (what he defines as giving 10% of every single paycheck every time) is “blatant disobedience” to God.  I wonder how this pressure makes God feel.  Non-tithers are not comparable to devil worshippers!  This is quite silly and unbiblical.  Many people tithe in other ways, give to Compassion International or give straight to the poor.  Furthermore, this pastor used words about “testing” the tithe that reference the Malachi verse – taken and twisted out of its proper context from the Old Testament (see video at the top of this post).

Direct quotations from Pastor Marty:

“I’m not sure if you are pursuing God.  I think you’re pursuing security…I think you’re pursuing guilt relief.  I’m not sure you’re pursuing God.  How else do you explain our blatant disobedience to the basic fundamentals of Christianity?  Stay sexually pure, TITHE…love your neighbor.  These are the basic tenets of Christianity, and we don’t DO them.  Somehow or other we think we are the exception.  God is going to turn us back on my disobedience and bless me every time I do something right.  What are you pursuing?  Are you pursuing God?  Because in order to pursue God, you have to open up your heart…listen, this is what you can’t do, you can’t pursue God and not do these things…  You are going to take care of your home, you’re going to take care of your church, and be obedient to God especially in the places where you have the most fear.  The bank account is the thing you fear the most.”  (approximate the 47-49 minute mark)

“And your bank account is the thing you fear the most.  That’s why God says, ‘trust me with that, TEST me with that, and I’ll prove to you’, the only thing he says that about in all of the Bible.  Jesus went to church.  So did the DEVIL.  Who are YOU  worshipping?”  (approximate 50 minute mark)

If your church says you need to give and if you don't, you are under a curse, run!

If your church says you need to give, “test the tithe”, and/or you are cursed if you don’t, run!  Run fast!                              (Source: www.biblecc.com)

Hoping this is enlightening to you.  Seek the truth!  Then you will know the truth, and the truth WILL set you free.  This ministry will not collect a dime.  I do not accept donations, but encourage giving directly to the poor.  There are many Christians today who are duped into thinking that God has cursed them if they do not give 10% of their income to the church.  This simply is not the truth found in the scriptures.  If you can’t tithe 10% every time – you are not a devil worshipper.  I wonder how this makes God feel.

Be generous to the right parties as the Holy Spirit (not man) leads you.  Do it cheerfully.

Peace and Blessings.

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