An Invitation to Church of South Las Vegas…Quandary – False?

I am disturbed.  I was sitting at a cafe in Henderson, Nevada weeks ago and God happened to place me right next to two people chatting – a man and a woman.  According to my research, one of these people (a teacher who teaches the public online through his blog that he was telling me about) might have been a leader at the Church of South Las Vegas at some point (or perhaps still is a leader at the church).  At the cafe, he did invite me to attend Church of South Las Vegas.  The woman said she was an author, and she writes about God’s love.
He was meeting with this woman (they were chatting), and I was trying not to hear, but couldn’t help it!  The woman told the man (his name might have been Conrad?) that if Jesus were to come back today, he would “smoke pot and have a posse”.  She was completely serious and not joking around!  The man nodded.  And I was thinking, “are these people serious?”.  I of course gasped at this and tried to hold my tongue but, the Holy Spirit was not having me remain silent!I explained to them the scriptures, and that it is blasphemy to say Jesus would sin.The man told me, well we do drugs everyday – when we drink coffee or soda!Instead of correcting the woman who told him this lie, he seemed to defend it by not speaking up and challenging it!  He did not correct her at all!  Rather, he continued to listen to her instruction.  It appeared that she was instructing him.The woman also said that just as there are millions of stars in the sky, there are millions of ways to God!  I, of course, explained to her that Jesus said narrow is the way that leads to life, and few there will be that find it (Matthew 7)!

When I told them it was blasphemy to say Jesus would smoke pot, they laughed at me and walked out the door!

I am highly concerned.  Please be alert and careful.  This has been a truthful account shared with love for all. 

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