‘Burden of the Lord—The Words of the Lord, or the Reasonings of Men?’ by Mark G. Judy

By Mark G. Judy 

Feeling a sense of sadness, a burden…..not sure how to even put it into words…..Why is it that some of the most ardent supporters of truth still get tripped up over “pre-trib”???? They can go toe-to-toe with any false teacher and with chapter and verse, expose the lies with truth that is straightforward & direct…..and yet, pre-trib is anything BUT straightforward & direct.
It cannot be explained nor supported in a straightforward & direct manner. Rather, various scriptures must be “explained” with theories & conjecture that very few have the time to actually research. In a word, it is a virtual labyrinth, a patchwork quilt, of far-fetched interpretations that require an unbelievable amount of energy to propose, much less defend. 
WHY IS THIS?????????????
When viewed in the light of the simplicity of all of Jesus’ teaching, it is ironic that such a “doctrine” is so far removed from the simplicity of Christ as to be absurd. By total contrast, the words of Jesus & the Apostles that fly in the face of “pre-trib” are profound in both their simplicity and their consistency—–2 qualities pre-trib “teaching” is profoundly deficient in. Even the most direct & pointed scriptures which completely INVALIDATE pre-trib are brushed aside as “overly simplistic” & near-sighted, when such a treatment—to my thinking—is an affront to the Holy Spirit Who is the Author of ALL Scripture.
The question will simply not cease to echo in my mind; Why Is This So?????????? 
I am grieved, saddened, and deeply burdened. Why do so many of my brethren find it so difficult to let their Master’s words stand on their own merit???!!!?????? What is this madness, this blight upon the minds of so many dear, precious , Christ-honoring saints?????
WHY, WHY, in following Christ our Teacher, our Master, our Redeemer, in so many other matters with childlike faith & simplicity of heart, HOW IS IT that in THIS ISSUE, we fail to retain the same childlike faith & simplicity, but instead rely on the interpretations of men, and in so doing, set aside what He Himself has said??????
This, to me, is a very pivotal issue, precisely because it reflects how we come to His Word. HOW IS IT that we can come to His Word & receive from it with single-minded simplicity & unquestioning receptivity for other matters in life——BUT, on the matter of CHRIST’S RETURN, we somehow think it is acceptable to debate Him (because THAT is what it truly amounts to! ).
We either accept EXACTLY what He has said and what His Apostles reiterated, or we Add To, Take Away From, or Ignore. I cannot seem to get past this issue tonight—–in my spirit, I sense that this is an issue of PARAMOUNT importance…..I feel that more hinges on this issue being successfully addressed & resolved than any of us yet realize. Our spiritual, and yes, even physical, wellbeing depends on it. If we cannot accept Jesus’ own words on THIS issue, how can we expect to be protected from the very deceptions He warned about???????   
Being willing—–Truly WILLING—-to HUMBLY reassess HOW WE VIEW God’s Word……do we accept as completely true, valid, and undisputable ALL of God’s Word, in it’s TOTALITY????? Or, just until we come to Christ’s coming, the Day of the Lord?????? LET US SETTLE, ONCE & FOR ALL, THAT ON THIS—-THE SECOND MOST VITAL SUBJECT IN ALL THE WORD OF GOD (THE FIRST BEING SALVATION THROUGH JESUS CHRIST & HIM ALONE)—-HE HAS SPOKEN IN UTTER SIMPLICITY AND IN TOTAL DIRECTNESS, LEAVING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, NOTHING, TO SPECULATION OR SUPPOSITION. If there is ANY confusion, let us accept the fact that it is because we are not willing to simply accept His clear word regarding what He determined for us to know. Know this: Every time I or someone else cites a scripture that is blatantly explicit in it’s simplicity, and someone responds, “Yes, BUT…….”, you are asking me to accept YOUR word over HIS, and THAT I will NEVER do……….

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