Bill Johnson, Bethel church in Redding: Teachings on deity of Christ, sovereignty of God, dominionism, false gospels, God’s view on sickness

The following is a look at Bill Johnson’s sermon at Bethel Church of Redding, California from Sunday, August 15, 2010. I am only analyzing his teachings in light of the Word of God. To hear Johnson say these things with your own ears, listen to the video on the bottom of this page.

Here is the topic-by-topic, but not exhaustive, list of teachings that are incorrect:

God’s sovereignty. Johnson brings God’s sovereignty into question (actually, he denies it and says that humans are sovereign!), and he claims that God is not in full control of what happens on earth. He says we have confusion on the sovereignty of God.

“We make a mistake of thinking He is in control of everything.” (Johnson)

Correction: God is in control. When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Eden, did that catch God off gurard? Did God not know before all time that He would send His Son to die for sinners? Didn’t Christ die on the cross? Wasn’t that God’s pre-arranged plan?

Human authority and sovereignty. He also says we, not God, have dominion and authority over the earth:

“We get to demonstrate dominion over the earth…God has released the dominion to us.”

God couldn’t send a storm. He then teaches that natural disasters could not be from God and therefore could not be His will or purpose:

“How many storms did Jesus bless?”

The deity of Christ. He claims that Christ is born again. If this is true, then Jesus isn’t and wasn’t God and therefore He could never have paid for our sins. This too is a “different gospel”:

“Did you know that Jesus was born again. I asked the first service, and they said no. But, I will show you…it’s in the Bible. Hebrews 1 it says this, ‘to which of the angels did he ever say, you are my son and today I have begotten you. In Acts 13, he explains that. God has fulfilled this for us…he has raised up Jesus…he raised him from the dead not more to return to corruption. He was born through Mary the first time, and through the resurrection the second time. He was born again.”

God’s view on sickness and disease. He claims that those who believe that God allows sickness and disease are preaching a “different gospel”, and he says that Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” was not allowed by God:

“I refuse to create a theology that allows for sickness. Let me illustrate. Paul refers to his thorn in the flesh which has been interpreted by many as disease allowed and brought on by God. That’s a ‘different Gospel’. Jesus didn’t model it, and He didn’t teach it. And Paul said, you can’t change the standard”.

Correction: We see healings in the Bible and God still heals people today. However, to say that sickness could never be from God is false and unBiblical. Even the Apostle Paul had an illness (Galatians 4:13). See Exodus 4:11, 1 Samuel 2:6-7, Deuteronomy 32:39, Revelation 2:22, Deuteronomy 28:28, Acts 9:9, Galatians 4:13,

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