Calvary Chapel Green Valley Henderson, NV…what’s been your experience? Visit this site for a list of all of Calvary Chapel’s false teachings including Chuck Smith’s gnostic, false teachings on the resurrection of believers, false authority structure, who the anti-christ will be, when Jesus will return, etc.  Hear Chuck’s audio teaching here:  Visit this site to view Calvary Chapel’s recent apostasy. Please watch this helpful video before reading this post no matter what church you attend.  This is helpful information for every Christian regardless of church.


“What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31)

“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” (1 John 4:4)

“Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” (2 Cor. 3:17)


Please read the comments at the end of this post.  I have also posted (at the end) a few of the negative business reviews that were deleted on Yelp.  Please also view the “Welcome Message” tab on the top of this website and read the comment at the bottom of the page from a reader pertaining to his experience at Calvary Chapel Green Valley.

The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) has officially stated that Calvary Chapel Green Valley was “promoting erroneous information” (to the public on their public website within the school section for over three years) and are “not allowed” to do that.  See end of this post for the photo of the email from an official ACSI representative.  

Some readers may be wondering why we removed the photo screenshot of the eye witness account of a former member saying she hopes CCGV will be convicted and repent of their sins toward some of the children and change their ways.  We did this because of lack of having the whole story and was not sure if the photo should be placed on the internet.  We did not know what sins toward youth the woman had witnessed and because of the lack of clarity, removed the photo.  Of course, this ministry still has this photo (and many other photos) on file.  

Before you read this, we want to say that this ministry loves ALL people including ALL fellow people at Calvary Chapels.  The desire of this ministry is that they would have ears to hear and eyes to see these truths exposed and not resist them.  This website has received a ton of abusive, hateful and long comments in response to this post.  That is just too bad, and is rather divisive and unloving.  Aren’t we called to speak the truth in love?  This post is all truth.  If it offends someone, that is their own problem.  Maybe they love man’s teachings more than God’s teachings in the Bible.  I will ask that people please examine their hearts and make sure that they don’t love man-made/church’s doctrine more than Jesus Christ’s teachings and doctrine.  Again, if someone is offended at this post, that is their own fault.  I don’t know how much more LOVING and TRUTHFUL I can be!  Christianity COMMANDS that we “speak the truth in love” and commands that we protect others from bondages, abuse and pitfalls!  That’s true love.  I must speak out in order to protect my brothers and sisters in Christ.  Silence is not golden.  We only wish that others would be protected spiritually and emotionally.  In fact, we have seen MANY people in Henderson and elsewhere come out of Calvary Chapel with their own stories of abuse.  These people are much happier now, stronger and healthier both spiritually and physically.  We pray for the leadership at all Calvary Chapels, and do not hate anyone.  We are simply trying to help the people of God with suffering, and there are many.

It has been made clear though (through the hateful, slanderous  comments on this post) that the leaders at Calvary Chapels don’t want you reading this.  They may falsely accuse that this is “slander” when this is not slander at all – it’s the truth.  Across the world, cultic groups or sects have a way of labeling their critics.  For example, Chuck Smith called his critic a barking dog and threatened God’s divine retribution on him.  Is this a Godly way to act?  No, the Bible says to love others and listen to them.  You see, when the truth is exposed, even in the most loving and gentle of ways, the character of the critic is horribly attacked.  Is that from God, friends?  If you don’t believe me, ask Alex Grenier over at the Calvary Chapel Abuse website.  He has it all on recording (on youtube).  In fact, many Calvary Chapels have slandered (spoken lies and falsehood about) those Christians with the Gift of Discernment.  This is why God tells us to not be ignorant of spiritual gifts.  God will hold them accountable for this.  Ephesians 5:11 commands to have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather, to expose them.

The purpose of this article is solely to comfort the hurting and to encourage very careful Biblical discernment among God’s sheep.  This ministry has come across too many shattered hearts coming out of Calvary Chapels.  It would not be right or ethical to remain silent and let others suffer alone or in silence even more.  LVAE truly wishes God’s best for all people affiliated with Calvary Chapel and for them to have eyes to see the truth.  Please understand that this ministry loves and prays for every person at this church.  All words on here are the truth spoken with love, not slander (i.e., lies or falsehood).  George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans), an English writer who wrote under a male pen name, said, “What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other?”.  If you have landed here and are hurting or bewildered from false spiritual and/or verbal abuse from Calvary Chapel leadership, a few tips to help you in your research and recovery:

  • Please search the drop-down menu on the right side of this website for other informative articles about the teachings at Calvary Chapels.  Please also view the research done on Calvary Chapel Spring Valley.
  • Research the “Moses Model” form of church leadership which many today believe to be a dangerous form of church government which can result in various abuses.  Cult expert Rick Ross has stated that this “Moses Model” has been used in abusive groups.  Please view the warning signs list made by Rick Ross at the end of this post.
  • Research the “Calvary Chapel Distinctives” (the quote, “foundational” document to Calvary Chapels written by a man, Chuck Smith).  It’s not just the Bible they go by – it’s the Distinctives as well.
  • If you ever meet with leadership at this church, consider taking someone with you as a witness or even prayerfully consider recording in order to establish proof of what is said to you.
  • Please be aware of any “Marriage Covenant Relationship Doctrines” among leadership at this church.  People in leadership should not be under a “marriage covenant” with each other in any way, shape or form.  LVAE believes this is simply unbiblical.  A Christian should only have two “marriage covenants” in his or her life: a covenant with the spouse (Mark 10:9) and a covenant with Jesus (2 Cor. 11:2).  Also, you might be recorded when you speak to leadership, without your knowledge.  If you speak to the pastor’s close friends or family, you may be recorded and it will be replayed for the pastor.  Your email correspondence (even if not sent to the church domain but to a private domain of a church leader or counselor) could be shared with other leaders and staff without your permission/knowledge (this has been done before) due to the sharing aspect of the marriage covenant relationship beliefs.  Please note that senior leadership at this church has stated that just as a husband and wife don’t hide anything from each other, neither do people in church leadership hide things from each other due to the marriage covenant.  This is false teaching because it’s not found anywhere in the Bible.
  • If you decide to do another Bible study at another church mid-week other than this church, you might be asked to pray about whether or not CCGV is your home church (i.e., about leaving the church altogether), and might be told that you are divisive for doing another church activity elsewhere and/or that “God is not divisive” (this also has been done before by CCGV staff).  If you do other Bible studies in someone else’s house, you may be contacted or frowned upon by the leadership (this has happened).  If you are shunned for doing a study somewhere else midweek, be comforted and realize that doing other church activities at other churches is not divisive nor sinful.  However, it is very divisive and legalistic for Christian leaders to shun you as evil or divisive for not doing every single activity at their church.
  • Oddly, we have seen a few negative business reviews on the web from others come and go.  Apparently, some of the comments of Christians who were effected by this church were deleted.  We have some screen shots on file of other Christians who left their public comments (but were silenced for one reason or another).  If you would like to leave a business review online, you can do so at a number of forums (Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc.).  Take a photo though – and see it possibly mysteriously disappear a few days later.
  • You may be warned that you “might not enter the promised land” (like Moses) if you question or confront leadership with your words (this has also been done by church staff in the past in order to place fear and mind control on members).  This is very twisted.  If this happens, please don’t be scared or feel condemned to hell because it’s not the truth.  Jesus commanded Christians in 1 John 4:1 to “test the spirits”.  It’s perfectly okay (and wise) to ask questions and to dig deeper into your church’s beliefs,  teachings and practices.  See 2 Timothy 4:2,3.  You may also be threatened that God has “taken away your rewards in heaven” if you ask questions or confront false teachings (this also has been done by a leader at CC Costa Mesa).  If you contact the headquarters, Costa Mesa, they may convey to you that it’s not important to combat false teachings and that your job and calling is simply to parent (yes, this has been done before).  Don’t be surprised if issues are swept under the rug.
  • “Where the Matthew 18 process does not pertain however is in the area of directives through church authority” (CCGV Associate Pastor; photo of direct quotes on file). We believe that the Matthew 18:15-17 process (which is scripture) is always valid despite whether or not a situation involves “directives through church authority” (a possibly related scripture is Matthew 15:9).  The associate pastor at this church taught that church leaders have a God-given “right to direct others” when operating in their legitimate sphere of authority.  LVAE asked what the “legitimate sphere of authority” is (i.e., does this authority extend into the personal lives of people too?), but our legitimate question got ignored by leadership.  We believe that while there is a place for Godly submission to legitimate leaders (to a healthy and Biblical extent), only the Lord Jesus (not man) owns the absolute “right” to direct the life of one of His followers (Matthew 16:24).  Pastors are not a viceroy.  Jesus alone is the mediator between God and men.
  • The senior church leadership teaches that church members are (direct quotes) “vertically below” the leadership and “not lateral” to the leaders and therefore Matthew 18:15-17 does not apply to leadership.  Members are allowed to use Matthew 18:15-17 on their “friends only – those who are on their same lateral level” but not “leaders above them” because leaders are “above” and do not fall into the category of “brother” in verse 15.  In the opinion of LVAE, this is a spirit of elitism and is false.  The Bible calls leadership to be humbly the opposite (see 1 Peter 5:3 for an example).  All scripture applies to leaders as well.

Hopefully this research has been helpful to you.  There has been a plethora of helpful research online about Calvary Chapels via other discernment ministries.  Are you here because you are hurting or have been shunned for unscriptural reasons by a Calvary Chapel church?  Please be comforted; this is not a rare occurrence in many Calvary Chapel churches and you are clearly not alone (see link below for proof and to view hundreds upon hundreds of testimonies from Christians coming out of Calvary Chapels with their own testimonies of abuse and cruel treatment). Please join this fellowship in praying for this and other churches; the leaders, pastors, staff, and attendees at all Calvary Chapels – and for the Lord to help/bless them in His way.  This ministry lovingly prays for all the leaders at CCGV and every Calvary Chapel, and wishes only God’s best for each and every individual – and that includes walking in the truth and love. 

Also, Calvary Chapels teach a false teaching about the rapture.  Chuck Smith did this too.  They teach a secret, pre-trib rapture – which none of the early Christians nor apostles taught.  Read this for more information.  Here are the origins of the secret rapture theory.

And remember…”Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4) and “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” (2 Cor. 3:17).  Praise the Lord and Hallelujah!  

God bless your day!

Some deleted negative business reviews on Yelp:



Chuck Smith teaches that pastors are not accountable to others which is a false teaching and allows abuse of power:

Religious Abuse by Wikipedia

What are other Christians in Las Vegas searching for on the internet with regard to Calvary Chapels?

Spiritual Research Network (SRN) former Calvary Chapel Pastor Chris Lawson’s research and findings on the errors/falsehoods of Calvary Chapels: *

* Update: Here are Pastor Chris’s new websites – Here is his new missions/ministry support site and his new SRN site/blog is and is one of his websites he was trying to fix.  Here is Pastor Chris on Vimeo with helpful, Biblical advice on confronting leaders and warnings about doing so.

Hundreds of online testimonies from the public concerning spiritual abuse at numerous Calvary Chapels (please note that LVAE does not endorse all views expressed on this website):

Do You Really Know what Your Calvary Chapel Teaches?  They say they only teach and believe the Bible, but do they add to or twist God’s words via the extra “foundational” document called the “Calvary Chapel Distinctives” written by a guy named Chuck?  Please note that Chuck predicted the Lord would return in 1981, and that obviously did not happen.  His direct quotes can be found in his writings (encouraging you to do your research).

Hear audio teaching: Chuck Smith teaches his followers that good Mormons can go to heaven…

It is always important, whatever church you attend (whether a Calvary Chapel or not), to compare the church to Rick Ross’s (Expert Consultant and Intervention Specialist) Cult Warning Signs:

1 John 4 

(For other related topics, please search the drop-down menu on the side of this page under “Calvary Chapel”, “Chuck Smith”, “Moses Model”, etc.)


This ministry believes that the public deserves to know the truth.  This ministry has no ill will toward any person at CCGV, and it is with great sadness that this is shared.  In July of 2013, the Lord impressed upon this ministry to research CCGVCA’s public claim/advertising that they are “members of ACSI”.  To clarify, CCGVCA stands for Calvary Chapel Green Valley Christian Academy.  ACSI stands for Association of Christian Schools International, a big accrediting company.  Surprisingly, the membership department at ACSI said that the school’s membership ceased on June 30, 2010. Oddly, as of July 23, 2013, the erroneous information was still being promoted on the school website for parents and the entire public to see.  If you would like to see a screen shot photo of what the school website looked like on July 23, 2013 – please send an email.  We have this and other helpful photos on file.  The Regional Director of ACSI explained that CCGVCA was “never accredited” with ACSI, ever! They were only members up to June 2010.  Please note that membership is much different than accreditation.  However, the church school put ACSI in the current “Membership and Accreditation” section of their school website.  ACSI said, “they are promoting erroneous information”.   Why wouldn’t this important information be updated to reflect the truth in over three years (especially since it appears that the website is updated with the current school newsletter and parent handbooks and/or current school information on a continual basis)?  Perhaps three days (or even three months) doesn’t seem too long to have false information or false advertising, but over three years?  If the school website is updated continually with new forms, handbooks, announcements, etc., why was this information unchanged to reflect the truth for over three years?  God knows.  This means that for over three years, parents who decided to send their kids to school at CCGV had false information about the school.

Here is a photo of the email from membership:

Email from ACSI Membership Department
Email from ACSI Membership Department, July 23, 2013 – Please view this link to view the photo that was here, which was removed during an import and deletion of another site: 

4 Comments on “Calvary Chapel Green Valley Henderson, NV…what’s been your experience?

  1. Here is a comment left in March of 2014 on this website in another page:

    I just came across your site through my occasional search on Calvary Chapels. I clicked on because of your being in Las Vegas as I am. I looked at you articles on the local Calvary chapels here and was wondering if you had an affiliation at one point. I want to keep this brief for now and wait for your correspondence. My history with CC’s in Las Vegas consist of being on the worship team for a brief time at Green Valley, worship leader for a period at Spring Valley, covering lead for David Medina at Lone Mtn. and Worship leader for Mike Wilte’s church plant “Meadow Mesa” for 3 years. My wife and I left when the Holy Spirit opened our eyes to the apostasy that is in all four of these “churches” and we confronted it to no avail. We, with several other families tried to get help from Costa Mesa but now realize in hind sight how futile that attempt was. Anyway, after much hurt, mending, prayer and the amazing truth and comfort of God’s word we are stronger in our faith than we ever were under what I can only call ( as God’s word does ) heresy. Our story is long so I’ll stop here and wait for your reply should you desire. I would like to know who you are.

    In God’s love and truth
    Brian Montagne
    alternate e-mail

  2. This comment was recently left by Rob Pineda on another Calvary Chapel article by LVAE:


    While I do not live in Las Vegas (I live in Central Florida), I do share with many here on being on the receiving end of abuse at the hands of Calvary Chapel. I served for a few years as a Youth Pastor, then as an Associate Pastor at a Calvary Chapel. We were a newer congregation meeting in a store front in a small beach town. I love the people, and I loved the small atmosphere.

    As time went on, I began more intensive Biblical Study which led to a heightened level of discernment. The ‘small’ issues started to get a bit bigger. The Sr. Pastor began looking to see who was giving, and how much. When confronted, he simply said he was the Sr. Pastor and felt he had the right to make sure people were giving, especially his leaders. I found this troubling. He threw around his title in very inappropriate ways, and his extreme anger issues surfaced often. Another serious issue was the elevation of music over everything else. The music was, and is, the golden calf within the church. Music is so sacred, it takes precedence over anything, and is militantly guarded. To have any concern over the music is to bring the wrath of the Sr. Pastor upon you. The real issue seemed to be that of a severe pride. He would throw around statements like, “I have been told I’m the best preacher in the whole county.” While his ability to teach wasn’t bad, his messages were nothing more than personal stories and jokes…hardly strong Biblical teaching.
    So, over time, I felt more and more distanced from this little CC. I could no longer stand in agreement with CC as a whole, and more instances of persecution of those who didn’t agree with the Sr. Pastor became more and more prevalent. I began a discussion with other pastors in my area who are friends, and they counselled me over a time. Thankfully, doors to plant a church started to arise, and in June of this past summer (2014), I gave a two month notice to the Sr. Pastor. Well…things went from bad to worse. The level of anger and unbelievable nastiness from the Sr. Pastor towards me was staggering. Rumors started by him and his family were rampant. He told me, “Why would God open the door for you to plant a church without telling me first?” Yeah…my jaw dropped too. He then lectured me that I didn’t ask his permission to plant a church. His viciousness continued until I left, and then continued after for a few months until I had to tell him that he is a bully and to leave me alone. He has been quiet since, thank the Lord of all!

    I am now a pastor with Grace Church of Flagler, and what an unbelievable blessing it has been to be with such wonderful people. I learned much from CC…specifically, what not to do.

    If you are in a CC somewhere, and are seeing anything that resembles what has been written on this site, its time to get out. Don’t stay in a cultic situation because you are being bullied into staying…they are good at guilt trips. Pray long and hard, and let God, not the ‘most high Sr, Pastor’ decide your journey.”

  3. This comment is from Laurie.

    Thank you and God bless you for sharing your experience about CALVARY chapel. The truth needs to be exposed about this false doctrine. I have attended Calvary chapel in the city for 10 years. It was there that I did learn how to have a relationship with Jesus, but like so many other churches it began as a spirit lead church but then changed to a works based church(legalism) I new something was not right about the church but could not put my finger on it. I could see that their was a division within the body that grew worse and worse over time. People woukd say they love you but I knew it was not genuine. I sought the Lord about what I was experiencing and about the truth. My eyes were opening to what was really going on there and winthin myself as I was taught there. I noticed their rules and regulations were more important than just allowing the Holy Spirit do His work there. The Holy spiritual was retrained from doing his work in the body. Grace was taught but not present not practiced. If you did not speak or act in an holy way, you knew it because all became silent and woukd not speak to you. There was no room for growth you were looked down upon if you were not like them. There were also so many unspoken expectations. Even though I was there for 10 years I did not feel like I was trusted. Always feeling like I was being watched, there was a lot of behavior modification. I began in a heart felt loving relationship with Jesus and in the end I noticed that when I became a leader, I was cold, judgemental hypocrital and far away from Jesus. It reminds me of that scripture that says there will be a time when false teachers will speak perverse things to draw you away from the Lord. I had the fruit of the Pharisee and no longer had fruit of the holy spirit. These people were very well meaning and caring so I thought, so it’s very easy to be decieved. I asked for discernment and Jesus gave it to me and He will give it to anyone who seeks Him. Since then I repented I my false way and doctrine I was following, to follow Jesus alone. After a careful study of the word I see that the church today is a spiritual one not a physical one made with hands. Jesus says I am the church- His people are the church. Come out of Babylon revelation 17-18. Do not share in her sins. Be careful my brethren- Satan came to decieve the world and he is decieving many in the church today. They think they are following Jesus but it’s not Jesus it’s another Jesus ( Satan himself disguised as Jesus) Satan does not come dressed as the devil but as a bright light and he is beautiful. God be with you all and may you seek to be true worshippers of God that worship Him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH

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