Author Bio’s

Jordan L., Founder, Contributor

I am a researcher, writer and Christian theologian with a graduate certificate in Christian Apologetics from the Talbot School of Theology at Biola University (California).  I am board certified with IBCC (International Board of Christian Care).  I am a member in good standing with the American Association of Christian Counselors and a charter member of the International Christian Coaching Association.

Brief Writing History:

  • A book on healing from spiritual abuse (in process)
  • A book exposing a religious psychotherapy cult
  • Blogger for The Christian Post (2012-2019)
  • “Sozo Research” (2011-2018; Pen name; A website that exposed the Sozo cult, which was imported into this website)
  • An apologetics website (2012-2018; Pen name)
  • “Joyful Victory” online publication (2012-2018; Pen name)
  • Co-Author and Sponsor of There’s Only One Sure Thing; A booklet edition for The Pocket Testament League (2010; One edition; Sold out)
  • Independent Journalist for “The Examiner” News; Christian Living Section (Denver, Colorado; 2009 – 2016)

Pastor Jason, Contributor

Jason is a Christian pastor who is passionate about reminding others of the grace, mercy and truth of Jesus.  Jason leads several ministries in his community in Arizona.  He is the co-author of a small, published book on Christian discernment.  In his free time, he enjoys biking, spending time outdoors, and writing.

Cameron C., Contributor

Cameron is a Christian writer and counter-cult activist.  Passionate about journalism and in-depth theological research, Cameron’s aim is to share Christ’s message. Cam also exposes the errors and dangers of the Sozo cult from Bethel Church in Redding, California, the Calvary Chapel deception and more.  Cam is a dog-mom and enjoys spending time outdoors, skiing and of course, doing theological research of peculiar, modern religious movements.

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